'Control' by Abandoned Unicycle Travellers

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Found Footage
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Oops accidentily added this review to the wrong person, not really sure what to do, but here it is now on the right page.

Good use of YouTube for this Found Footage film.

The performances from both the leads were witty and entertaining. They used the character well to introduce a key prop to the film, which also incorporated this years extra element of slow-motion. I do find a lot of teams go to extra lengths to try and explain the character, when it is not necessary. This film did not do too badly in this respect, I only mention it as they missed a good opportunity for subtelty by just overexplaining the character slightly, show not tell is key here. Showing the character knocking over the clock and saying this always happens is all that is required. And this was not done too badly, but it is one of my pet peves that I would like to see improved upon in 48hours.

The relationship between the girls was heartfelt and told a story. The pacing was good and the film kept moving from point to point without being repititive. The ending was great as well, with the beautiful shots of the fireworks and an unexpected ending.

I felt genre was missed a little here though, as a few scenes even if intended to still be "found" seemed to be shot third person. Forgive me if this was allowable within the genre, but I saw it that a found footage movie should be ALL found footage. The only other factor holding this film back was small concept. The story was told well, but to be a real competitor in this competition, would need to have a stronger story to tell.

Well done girls.