'Brothers' by ADHDMi

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Fantasy Adventure
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Perhaps the ballsiest film I've _ever_ seen in 48 Hours. Here's a team that knows what they're doing, and is not afraid to challenge you a bit. It's technically excellent, and at times difficult to look at for how far it goes with certain cinematic techniques. But it's on purpose! 'Brothers' has an original score, visually spectacular execution of its bold and dynamic photographic imagery that sets it way apart from anything we've seen before.

To state the bleeding obvious (spoilers?), the shots portray with remarkable accuracy the poignancy and clarity but lack of action details we experience in *memory* - and it's that trick along with a painful but perfect sense of timing that sets off the emotion and buy-in that it seems only this approach could deliver. I found the film-maker afterwards and shook his hand, this work is gold and not everyone will like it (can be hard to follow) but those that love it simply won't care.


Certainly the boldest 48hr film I've experienced, and I say 'experienced' because this film refuses to be 'watched'. Team ADHDMi have the audience silent and mesmerized from the beginning to the unexpected fin. I was personally squirming in my seat from the uncomfortable moments created by prolonged black outs and long cuts. The triumph was that very real emotional responses were literally ripped from my soul as I watched. As a film maker I was in awe of the complexity and subtlety of the not so frozen freeze frames. Well done ADHDMi, I will certainly keep an enthusiastic eye out for future films.


Surreal, visually gripping, technically excellent and a soundtrack beautifully matched to the spirit of the film. Hands and above unique compared with anything I've seen at the 48hr film fest before. Loved how the audience was left to interpret what wasn't said or shown. Stunning. I want to see more by this team combo please!


It was a work of art. Stoked it was in the finals and I got to see on the big screen. Some freaky shit.


Of all the grand finalists films this was my absolute favourite. A brave, surreal visual experience with a "sick as" soundtrack. What it executes so well is that each and every image leaves you with something to ponder as a viewer. Completely intriguing and as such has that rear quality in a 48HOUR film of being a short that you want to watch over and over.