'Paranormal Dancetivity 4- Slave to the Beat' by Bacon versus Lollipop

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Paranormal Dancetivity 4- Slave to the Beat
Musical or Dance
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This one stands out. It's a cute but incredibly well-supported film with a few original ideas and mind-bogglingly stupendous cinematography. Seriously. Who shot this movie? It's amazing. I have to wonder with the young cast if we have a young

Now that's said... I can't have been the only one that felt that "dance" was a bit of an add-on here. The challenge of dance/musical is that it completely upends the production process, and it would have been nice to see some more ambition and effort in that department.

I have to wonder how late things went to get this film disqualified, but the fact remains that shooting and editing this in a week would have been quite an achievement. The action flows beautifully from one shot to the next, and the timing as comic elements are revealed is bang-on. Would be great to see this top-notch production take on the finals next year. Make another movie!


This was my favorite film of the heat, imagine my disappointment when I was denied the privilege of voting for it... shame for the DQ. There was a natural flow to this short and the dancing specters was original and highly entertaining, even the location with the creepy wallpaper was a marvelous touch. Keep making films and by next year's V48 you'll cut off some precious time from your post production... Yay Bacon versus Lollipop.


Definitely had the best production values of the heats. Well paced, succinct and visually pretty fantastic, with a good horror-y video grade.
In this film, a girl's sleep is interrupted by some full-on dancing ghosts, who rock some well choreographed moves some impressive music (original?). Unfortunately that's about as much plot as there is, and for a "dance" film, it perhaps takes a little long for any dancing to happen. The only problems with this film is what it needed, what made it to the screen you can't fault. Looking forward to seeing this team again, with an on-time film and perhaps a more fulfilling story to tell.


I liked this film, was gutted that I couldn't vote for them. I guess you need to try edit faster next year.


Well filmed and produced


This school team didn't exactly start off in the best of circumstances. After a fire at their school on Saturday morning I could have excused just about any offering from them, but even though the team was disqualified, they made a fantastic film.

Paranormal Dancetivity was a very clever dance film about dance-loving ghosts preventing the object of their torment from sleeping. They did a great job of using what they had and definitely came out on top.

There were some brilliant shots mixed in with some really average ones which would have been fine in a worse film, but stuck out a bit here. The ghosts were creepy, the cut was snappy and the story was clear and concise. Overall a very enjoyable offering, it was very disappointing to see it disqualified.