'Nicky Brick Leaf of Faith' by Fermented Films

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Nicky Brick Leaf of Faith
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Fantasy Adventure
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A proper fantasy film! With original and purpose-made music, appropriate shooting locations and charming presentation that kept me watching. I couldn't believe how well shot this was, however, something went very wrong in the technical chain and *somehow* the whole film and the intro came out in low resolution. A heartbreak considering the effort that clearly went in to careful lighting, effective story-book framing and attention to detail the team paid. Nice to see a legitimate fantasy film in a modern context with a fairy-tale feel and lots of creativity. Keep practicing this, and taking risks, and Fermented Films could be a name to look out for.


A modern fairytale with its own deep mythology and original folky theme song at the top. Very impressive. The film was compressed super-low which made it look like it was shot on a cell-phone, and the dialogue was also hard to hear as a result (which didn't help, considering how dense the story was).
Great locations, costumes and attention to detail. Hopefully the screening room version will be a little higher definition.


i really didn't understand this movie


This was the first offering of the Fantasy Adventure genre in Auckland, and it was not the most auspicious start.

Even if we put the sound issues and pixelation aside entirely (let's briefly assume they made it in Windows Movie Maker and their lack of professional editing package is not their fault), the script didn't make much sense and the whole thing was almost impossible to follow.

The film consisted of a romp around the battlements at north head, some sort of leaf-necklace reference and a brother/sister rivalry over a power which was never fully explained, or perhaps it was, but we could neither see nor hear it properly.

A sword fight was the highlight of this film for me, featuring some real weaponry which added a nice touch, and the team deserves credit for writing an original song to fit within the storyline, though I dare say the time might have been better spent by improving the storytelling.


Great location. Hard genre.