'Don't Kick The Can' by ASHS Filmers

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Don't Kick The Can
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End of World
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There were plenty of things to like about this film, and it started the heats off with some of the mixed successes of a rushed and stressful competition. The (end of the world) film starts with a "found footage" feeling which is totally the right thing for this team to be doing. There's some good shots - brilliant shots - from the guilty man's use of line to the marvelous ending shot through a pantry door. This film's got forced acting, awkward cuts and a serious under-utilisation of a fabulous location. But essentially it's the zombie film we _all_ have to make at this stage, and I applaud ASHS for doing it with more style than I ever did. The tension builds with character death, and to make a semi-serious short with zombies in it and some attempt at a story arc - that's commendable. Well done guys and I would like to see more.


Nice, serious film about a virus spreading around the world. Had some good scares, and a very natural feel with semi ad-libbed dialouge that only occasionally because a little yelly and incomprehensible. A solid start to the heat, and really set the tone of "everyone dies" that followed...


the film had a good storyline and i really liked the ending with the pantry scene. A little basic in carmera work and a few shots didn't really make sense or flow very well but a nice effort.


Not bad


At first I was a bit concerned that this film was simply an excuse to throw a party on Saturday night, an impression which didn't entirely inspire me with confidence. Luckily, some lipstick blood and a fancy news title later, we got into an actual story.

This was an end of the world film about a virus killing the population off, and a group of teenagers trying to escape. There was a definite lack of legible dialogue, and some bloody corpses that looked suspiciously smothered in lipstick.

The V plug was a bit shameless and overdone, something which would have been much better suited to the 48 Second contest had it actually occurred this year. That being said, I could tell the team had a lot of fun, and I hope they both enjoyed and learned something from the experience. Looking forward to their next entry.


Good film, well shot but content was really crass, toilet humor is too easy.