'Third Wheel' by Victims of Success

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Third Wheel
Road Movie
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DAMN THIS TEAM FOR BEING DISQUALIFIED! Very funny and entertaining. I think most of the humor was from the ADR.


1 extra star for slipshod don't-give-a-fuck ADR in the car scene. That was freakin' hilarious, they should have done the whole film like that.

Great finishing line: "I want your balls Bobby! I want your balls!". Mostly nice humour, but yet another school bullied seeking revenge on the school bully. At least this time the hitchhiker had the creepiness to justify that story arc.

Pretty lo-fi production, but I laughed throughout.


Lololol ADR throughout the film, I'm not sure if any original audio was used, but it definitely added to the film for me.

Having packed up the car, a couple decide that yes in fact they do want to go with their original plan of a romantic getaway at Wiremu Bay. However after a bit of bickering they pick up a hitchhiker who actually seems very familiar to Bobby. Having said that, he proves to be good conversation and knows the way to the Bay, although he gets a bit to close to the girl for Bobby's liking.

"I WANT YOUR BALLS!" lol, thanks for making me laugh guys :)


Very funny film, with ultra-creepy hitch-hiker (creepiness heightened even more by the horrific / incredible ADR) getting revenge on childhood bully. Some cheesy-as-hell dialogue ("Looks like the car's stopping") that totally worked with the lack of sync. Killer last line, as mentioned by the other reviews. A great lo-fi 48 short.


lol wtf with the sound? i thought the teams that got it in late would be good as they spent more time of editing....but guess not. love the ending tho