'The Search' by The Rons

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The Search
Fad Movie
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Short, but that shouldn't work against it. Bobby Young made a moving and convincing speech, but when so much of the shooting was out of focus and the story was so brief, it's hard for me to feel inspired by it. And what was the fad again? I suppose attending university for the sake of it could be a fad, at a stretch.


One of the shortest entries in this year's competition, our lead goes to an interviewee and confirms that medical school is what they want to do with their life. However they have to battle with their conscious who puts forward the idea of having some fun as a musician or travelling the world.

What was the fad? Not clear at all.


Started with some promise, but I think its brevity took us all a bit by surprise - we were looking out for the fad, and then the credits started appearing. The guy's speech was pretty well-played, I thought.


In 1996, my grunge rocker alter ego successfully talked me out of med school and into a failed music career. I really wish I'd seen this film back then. FML.