'The Donor' by TOTEM

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The Donor
Horror Movie
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Very entertained, well executed. Audio was slightly distracting. Left the audience with a weird vibe but well done.

Good incorporation of the bent wire and other random elements. Wish the audio was a bit more consistent. Although it added some tension at points.


Looked and sounded superb (music-wise) but the bullied getting revenge on the ex-bully was not at all set up and didn't work. Some issues with dialogue levels, but they didn't detract too much.


Good performances, but the dialogue was out of synch in a big way (like people saying things and their lips moving at the wrong time) so that distracted from the film too much for me.

However, the most interesting thing about this film was the style of shooting as though it was being shot through the eyes of a person and then their dead body. That was original and visually interesting even if the audio did let it down.


The father of a sick girl is desperate, and rings to confirm whether the body he needs is on its way. It is, but helping out his sick child may not be the only reason he has requested the job to be done.

This was fairly slick, a little bit nasty in terms of vibe too.


It's a shame that so many films have someone formerly bullied by Bobby Young exacting their revenge. These guys did it too, with an intense display of overacting from our caring fatherly nutbar. I enjoyed the smoking scene as Bobby psyched himself up for his task. This film had an interesting visual style which helped to build towards a pretty satisfying twist.