'The Deliveryer' by Typhoid Films

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The Deliveryer
Quest Movie
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This film was the most entertaining of the night. It was well timed and edited. The VFX were cheesy and fun. Solid performances by many.


Had my vote!


They had me at the trunk!

From the delightful intro with an enthusiastic filmmaker being held hostage in the back of a car, I already wanted to like the film. Then came the audible oooooooooh from the audience when a cluster of syringes came into view and spelled out the words "Typhoid" in probably the best animated logo I've seen in a 48 Hr film.

Then came the film, a Quest movie about a young woman who must deliver a package to "D Block" and along the way, she inhales some kind of smoke/gas that creates hallucinations. Hilarity ensues as our heroine works to deliver the package only to realise that she is in fact, the package.

Some great effects and a wonderful Entrapment reference this was a really good fun little film that did exactly what it needed to in an entertaining and charming way. My favourite of the final heats.


Great intro, great animated logo. Very very impressed with both.

The quest was really really fun - some Inception/Truman Show-ish like crazy layers involved, but I think we mostly followed everything. Great humour. Cast of wackos. Very funny Entrapment reference... not to be a pervy old man but DAYUM she has the arse to pull it off.

Some sound balance issues, but it didn't detract. Easily the most entertaining of the night - I gave it my 3 points but only because I was jealous of Ruby Red. EXCELLENT RAIDER WOULD WATCH AGAIN+++


A Goonies t-shirt wearning courier drives up to deliver her package. However a mysterious mist once inside the building makes her vision blurry and she then starts seeing things such as Mexican wrestlers.

A guy in a chicken suit comes along and advises that she had better get her package delivered, but there is an interesting development towards the middle of the film which I'm not going to spoil.

Cool use of lasers and some great gags, as well as quality acting all around.


The film lived up to the promise of its title. Very funny, incredibly random, pretty cheesey, and quite silly. Won the audience over pretty quickly and had a lot of great moments scattered through-out. Well done guys, hope you make the finals.


This quest film leads us through the rubble of an abandoned school where a kick-ass courier has to deliver her parcel, or face the chop.

From the intro to the logo to the Thomas Crown Affair lasers, this was a very cool movie.

This was a great example of every element coming together. The set was great, the actress wonderful in her Lara Croft-ness (as well as being a damn good comedienne). The shots were great and varied. The D Block set was crazy cool, and the chicken just topped it off, and most of all the story was fun and crazy but solid at the same time.

This was a great example of a cute quest film, as often the genre gets lost in the madness, but this wasn't the case here. Everything was utilised and it looked like they worked really well as a team and had fun - which is the whole point!

This got a massive audience response, and I can see why. It was a great little film and something to be proud of.


love love love, was all round well presented.