'Momentous Elivitation' by Touched by an uncle

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Momentous Elivitation
Superhero Movie
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Cute Intro

Ooh hey all girl team, thats cool!

Pacing fun at beginning.

First Jew Joke.......

Umm what?

Second Jew joke.....


Third Jew Joke......

WTF this film sucks......


Fun and lo-fi, but why all the Jew jokes at the beginning? Anyway, once they were out of the way the picture was entertaining enough. Keep making stuff but consider the relevance of any bad taste material you put in.


After advising her friend of a problem (Is it Pregs? I can totally fix it), our lead reveals it's not really so much a problem and more that something extraordinary happened that day - she became the first person in the world with the ability to jump.

The jew jokes were a bit eyebrow-raising to say the least, and the product placement costume was also a negative in my book however the physical humour of the film was good eg, doing a high 5 on behalf of a kid, and a randy couple getting it on in the background of a news bulletin.

Pretty lo-fi too.


I don't think there was an audience member in the house who didn't glance at the person next to them during the jew jokes, wondering what the deal was. A pretty funny and somewhat ridiculous premise which lent itself to a gloriously insane montage of gags.


This team shot themselves in the foot with the anti-semetic jokes. I was expecting further exploration of this - like maybe the girls were neo-Nazis or something - but I think it was just the team's (failed) attempt at humour.

Guys, only Jewish people get to make Jew jokes (cf The Producers, South Park).


Script REALLY let the film down. Jokes were in bad taste.
Lead actress tended to over act, but that could be down to bad direction.
Production logo was fantastic.
Was not a bad film, the jokes just went to far.


what was up with the face the 'hero' was pulling through half the random savings she was doing? made her look like a bad guy shitty about what she was doing.
a few of the jokes were just bad.


I think that the majority of the faults in this film may have been the script writer’s error. I know this team and it is to my understanding that the majority of the work was left to one member. Having never participated in this competition myself, I do not know what the proper "protocol" is but this can't help with team morale. The team fell apart and was close to giving up so I think for a group of such young girls under a lot of pressure they did a wonderful job. Except from a few dicey jokes! But hey! You got to go all in if you expect to win big! :)