'Jack & Jill' by Viva La Booba

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Jack & Jill
Rom-Com Movie
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Alright, all the narrative-is-king strict-genre-ist haters are going to come out of the woodwork and go "whine whine this wasn't a romcom because it didn't have the three strict plot points of boy meets girl boy loses girl boy wins girl back".

Well you know what? Stuff that. This team acknowledged the romance element, and it was a comedy in the Shakespearean sense with its ending... mostly. Yeah, it was unresolved, but life goes unresolved. Nobody ever has a movie-perfect romcom relationship. What you had here was two people from circumstances of varying degrees of screwed-upness finding each other... or not.

Make this into a film of between 20 and 90 minutes, extend the narrative arc to its logical conclusion (and back to its logical inception), and they've got something there. I'd watch it. I liked the teaser.

(Edit: nice job making Bobby Young a peripheral character, I liked the kid's spunky attitude.)


A friend sets up their friend with a psychiatrist to help them with their supposed agorophobia. Not a lot to this one, although I guess it captured the awkwardness of dating well enough.


Competently shot and put together, this was a pretty gentle and easy-going film. You could argue that turning up to a paid appointment with someone to fix your mental issues isn't really 'dating' as such, but solo-ma seemed up for it at the end so his bravery maybe won her over. Pretty rough of her to make him come to her for an agoraphobia counseling session, really...!