'Home Sweet Home' by Triangles

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Home Sweet Home
One-Room Movie
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Good basic story, well enough acted, and the red enraged future-projection anger device was very well timed every time it came in. However, the picture was utterly ruined by audio levels all over the place. Get a soundie who knows their shit next time - good sound is not an optional extra. Lol to wireless mic pack in shot, so I suppose they were at least trying :-)


The girl in a couple is fairly suspicious of her boyfriend and other chick friend, suffering from visions of them cheating on her, and fantasizing about whacking them with kettles. Of course they give her good reason to be paranoid when they say they hope she doesn't find out, which she overhears.

Can't remember if this was supposed to be a mystery or a revenge film in conjunction with 1-room, the sound did jump terribly a couple of times.


I thought this was a pretty nicely-acted film. The flashbacks were well-done and heightened and the lead-up to the accusation had all the seeds planted. I liked the last twist too.