'You Got Cabled!' by Stinky Murphy

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You Got Cabled!
Fad Movie
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I can imagine some idiot teenagers in Wellington copying this film! Their fad was "cabling" - surreptitiously riding residential funiculars in hilly Wellington suburbs when their owners are away from the house. They made a convincing subculture sort of like that of urban explorers, with their own hand gestures, lingo, photographic evidence etc. The cabler characters were fantastic, although the Bobbie Young character didn't quite gel.

It missed a golden opportunity when the homeowner didn't take revenge on her cablers - or at least let us see what she had in store. Very watchable though - I'd watch again.


Actually one of the better fad ideas so far; the idea being to sneak into people's cable cars and take photos. Of course it's a little bit mean-spirited if said cable car was intended for someone who can't walk down stairs, but thems the breaks.

The actors were energetic and I enjoyed the moments of randomness such as a skateboarder striking a pose on top of a cable car.