'The Switch' by Swishy Swishy

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The Switch
Body Switch Movie
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Cuuuute! Stop-motion mother hen and baby chick at a modern art exhibition. Plenty of funny material within the artwork itself, some serious attention to detail. Voices were characterful and enhanced everything. Only 2-2.5 minutes in duration but it told what it needed to tell then got out of the way. I do wish they'd added another 20 seconds to show us what happened on the moment of body-switch. Regardless, they got my 3 points, well done.


Yay, the stop motion birds return once again! :D

I found your team's entry last year to be charming, and also dug this year's too. Short and sweet, chicken little and their mother head off to the museum which has 2 options for visitors; 'Modern Art' and 'Fowl Bullies Through Time'. However Chicken Little ignores the rule that says children need supervision to go and see the Fowl Bullies, and inspects a curious looking statue.

I would have really liked the film to go maybe 10 seconds longer to get a body switch payoff, but oh well.