'Sweet Corn' by Team Cupcake Go 6.8

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Sweet Corn
Road Movie
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(Disclaimer: I was on this team last year.)

Hillbilly horror movie: a creepy inbred family creeps out a romantically ruffianish travellin' man. Costumes were well sourced. Nice to see a road movie on bicycles - some of the physical comedy there was HILAARIous.

Mostly good acting, scripting was warped and over-the-top, but very entertaining nonetheless. Plenty of laughs, a good crowd favourite. I gave this my 1 point.


On the run, Bobby Young grabs a bike to keep going, despite the attentive pleas by a trio of hicks that they can help him. Being one of the worst cyclists you could possibly imagine, his journey continues with them anyway.

The masochistic hicks try and tempt Bobby with the chance to indulge in some torture just like back in the day, with some very twisted dialogue delivered in a gleeful manner but he's not very interested.

Of course, they wouldn't really be hicks without a creepy uncle lurking in the corner. This had a lot of potential and the script was very good, although was a bit let down by some blurry video.


Rough production values and some crazy characters, this one was more entertaining than most.


Super funny! really solid jokes throughout, i really liked the way you used the guy-dressed-as-a-girl joke not ridiculously blatently, but... UUH! it was awesome. Only bad thing was the cornhole joke which was used way too much in the last minute without actually being very funny.