'Redress' by StreamWorks

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One-Room Movie
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A brave choice to set a one-room movie in a retail dressing room, but the acting and the overall story didn't back it up. There were some interesting ideas in the script, but it didn't gel. Alas, it's another school bully who gets her/his comeuppance and this story didn't deliver, probably because we didn't get to know the off-screen characters well enough.


In a clothes changing room, Bobby Young confronts the voices of many people she has tormented over the years, who query her about the upcoming school reunion. Eventually she sees herself in their shoes at the end of the film, this had potential to really push the emotional burden the bully now felt; but missed the mark putting itself together cohesively, with the sudden flashback of the past not really fitting.


I really did like the concept of this film.... I did.