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Horror Movie
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Bloody great visuals - this DOP has an eye for a shot, that's for sure. Strayed into arty for the sake of arty territory just a bit, but I forgive them.

Well acted (essentially one actress only). No dialogue apart from the obligatory line at the end: every so often a film makes me disappointed that one of the compulsory elements in 48 is a set of words. Chilling musical soundtrack was very well executed.

Some clothing continuity errors (how'd she go from full wetsuit to no pants in two consecutive shots? I don't think there was any paranormal justification for it...) but this got my 2 points.


Almost an all-girl team (was I correct in reading the credits that the only male contribution was the music?) had an interesting dark colour grade, with a sense of menace throughout, as a Lyall Bay swimmer happens upon limbs after getting out of the water.

Strange symbols abound and she then gets chased by something, this was almost great but overall felt like a case of style over substance.


Nicely shot. Visual elements reminded me of Blair Witch Project, but story suffered a bit.