'Ginger jim's Revenge' by Suit Up!

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Ginger jim's Revenge
Revenge Movie
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Impressive script for a young team, they did well on few resources. They touched all the bases of a revenge movie, the plot was easily followable, and the characters were good value. Gratuitous planking reference means this 3-star review gets revised down to 2.5. I'd like to see more from them in future years.

(Edit: steelpotato reminded me of the puerile homophobia. Yeah, that wasn't cool at all - whoever wrote the script, please grow up. The world has gay people in it and you shouldn't be afraid of them. Review now 2 stars.)


Not to be a wet blanket, but this was pretty unpleasantly filled with nonchalant homophobia.

Anyway, after waking up his drunk pal, some friends realise that a wallet with their address has been left with a murderer. Of course they assume he is out to get them and the only way to stop him is to kill him first. Right.

The headshot was brilliant and egg joke bought a laugh but I hope this team shows a bit more maturity in future.