'Epiphaneia' by SwampDonkey6TheFinalNight-Mare

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Mystery Movie
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Production was a bit lo-fi, but the mystery was certainly there. It held my interest, pacing was good, and it was definitely watchable. Also a noteworthy set for their shoot (a boat/ferry/ship/some waterborne vessel). They definitely acknowledged the line.


Did you guys see the Christopher Smith film Triangle recently? I dug the vibe, felt like a Lynchian version of that film, and I'm personally a huge sucker for Oneiric stuff.

However the creepiness of the ferry (long tracking shots, people appearing and then disappearing) and soundtrack got just a wee bit undermined by the flashbacks. Having said that, the film stayed with me.


Bobby wakes to find himself on a deserted vessel at night and is confronted by ghosts of his bullying past as he explores the depths of the ship. The setting of the empty ferry at night was impressive and surprisingly creepy despite the to-be-expected bright lights and drab ferry decor. Flashbacks showing Bobby's bullying pursuits are interspersed with the boat footage and although these clips didn't totally gel with the rest of the film, they provided some hilariously obsurd moments.