'Wired Love Ballads' by Single Sock Productions

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Wired Love Ballads
Rom-Com Movie
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There was nothing. I liked the device of the taxi driver seeing different people and in the right hands it could have been something clever. However there was no continuous thread, just a string of couples going to the same place for a possibly-alluded to swingers' party. Some nice acting and some nice little moments of awkward dialogue well played, but that's all this film was: moments. No narrative whatsoever, and in Rom-Com, the most stock-standard narrative of all genres, no narrative means no film.


It seems the filmmakers involved didn't actually study what Rom-Com genre conventions are.

Boy/Girl meets Boy/Girl | Boy/Girl loses Boy/Girl | Boy/Girl gets Boy/Girl back

This film would have worked well if it had chosen just two of the characters and stuck with them on the way to the couples convention. The two Bogans, who were clearly the best performers here, would have been a logical choice.

Without that vital rom-com narrative or any continuous characters, the film just didn't work despite the few funny moments it had.


A taxi driver kept taking couples to the Southgate Convention Centre; a business couple, A French couple and a bogan couple. He tries to make conversation with some of them, and with the bogans in particular this fails with hilarity.

Fairly lo-fi but still enjoyable, some of the one liners were great. But yeah not really a romcom


Started out promising but lost me pretty early on. In the end, it was a genre fail, a story-telling fail, and not exactly memorable. My least favourite film of the heat.