'People Get Lucky and Bad Things Happen' by Slippery Silver Sundog

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People Get Lucky and Bad Things Happen
Road Movie
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This was a well-shot, well-acted, cute film about rouge street performers banding together to be a super street act.

From the opening shot I could tell that this was something pretty special. The characterization was very impressive. The small jokes got massive audience responses, such as the fast as lightening ninja, and the ukulele-playing welfare-denied street musician.

The shots in the bush were great, the team obviously utilized the Canon. The DOP did a really good job, and the editing was very slick.

This team obviously worked well together, and from such a small team it was a very impressive effort. The reason for the rating is that while I liked it, it wasn't really a 'road film' and while they were street performers, the road aspect seemed to end there. I also felt that the ending was a little rushed as we never got our street performance payoff.


The story of three buskers trying to create a super busker group. Some good physical comedy with a statue type character (planking, well done), and looked quite pretty. Missed the mark with the road genre though as there was no road or semblance of a journey.


This was one of my audience votes, it had a lot of fun moments. I laughed very hard particularly at the planking moment (I reckon this will be the best planking reference in 48 Hours this year) and a few of the other moments too like the Maori guy doing a runner.

Although it kind of missed the Road Movie genre, the film had enough charm to overlook that and just enjoy it for what it was. Probably one of the few films in Heat 13 I'd sit through again.


My notes say "I liked the team intro", but I can't remember now what the intro was.

Four very well-drawn and well-played characters (although the ninja lost some mystique when he came back at the end). Plot was mostly in place, although maybe there wasn't enough motivation to it? The musical soundtrack was appropriately badass, it was well-shot, the sound was all there, and the slow-mo walk down the Boulcott St-Plimmers Steps tunnel was priceless. Best of all, this short incorporated probably the only planking reference in the whole competition that actually worked.

I want to give this 4 stars or even 4.5, but it completely failed to acknowledge the genre of road movie. So 3 stars max.


lush looking with some really good sound-design at points. really kind of nailed the 48 hours TM type humour i thought too.

the genre thing is what had me slightly mystified and i should probably loose 1/2 a star for that but... it was very good regardless.


This was actually a better example of a road movie than just about every film that thinks it needs a car to qualify.

A failed business major recruits some other buskers (musician/statue mime/magician) with plans to make it big in the world. However when they try to put their act together, things go awry.

This certainly had some of the best framed shots I've seen this year, and it was also well acted, however there were some instances of style over substance eg, close-ups on cigarette smoking unrelated to the plot.


I loved the opening shots of this film! The main actor was great and a joy to watch and the rest of the cast wasn't half-bad either. It was refreshing to see a team attempting to make a road movie without involving a car. Genere wise a good effort but didn't quite get there for me. The cinematography and soundtrack were lovely and the use of planking got the laughs of the night. One of my audience votes of the heat.


I loved this short, one of my audience votes and the planking was totally in context and hilarious, the shots of statue man in the various backgrounds had clearly been thought out.

The acting performances were great, good comic timing and even though the ending did sort of sway towards Revenge Movie, I was still entertained. Choice!