'Instaman: The Untold Story' by Skooter Man Crew

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Instaman: The Untold Story
Superhero Movie
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Bizzare and unpretentious. I laughed in all the wrong places... I think. Kind of hilarious how much effort they went to putting in disappearing shots, and how little effort went into fight choreography and making the narrative logical. Hard to see what the intention was with this film, but I liked it, despite all its flaws.


Liked the Scottish villain, och aye. Some great creative thinking in how to apply special effects, nicely done. Likeable characters, the delivery girl was a particularly hilarious throwaway character. Great fun from a young team, I'd watch more from them.


A light-hearted trip down to generic superhero town, which is not to say that this film is a complete let-down but it falls into the common trap of groups that get the superhero genre when it comes to story and theme. I can tell that this was a young group (possibly a group of high school friends) and it was obviously filmed with very low budget, so I won't gripe about the technical issues. On the whole I think these guys have a lot of promise and hope they return next year.


Fun little film, the main actress was great! I wish there was more of her!

The fight scene was my favorite part, it was ridiculous.

Superbay wasnt a bad touch either.


thought this was a really good highschool(?) entry.

there was a neat kind of anti-aesthetic with lots of the brutal edits, lingering on shots for too long, hammy acting, bad music looping etc. all kind of common enough for 48 hours, but this was done in such a way that it seemed a bit more considered somehow?

there are lots of ways for this sort of thing to be very boring but i don't think you could really say that about this.


An old guy trains his young and fresh superhero disciple Instaman, who ends up accidentally blowing him up with a bomb.

However he doesn't give up on his dream of becoming a hero, and is inspired by another girl called Rapid Girl who also has powers (the fast running was actually splendidly done), so gets his own cape to try and be a better rep for truth and justice.

Of course there is a big faceoff with the nemesis down by the Hutt River, with some cheesy effects and hammy fighting for good measure. Captured the tropes of the genre well.


Best worst fight scene EVER! Not great film-making but certainly entertaining, funny and with lovely characters.


This film only made me laugh at one point, when the main character incorrectly disarmed the bomb and then teleported away.

The rest were cheap laughs for only the sake to make people laugh, for some reason people believe that comedy must be inserted into all the genres no matter what.

The superhero genre if taken seriously can achieve a great result, this short film missed the mark.

The general idea was weak and could have been done better.