'Guhlioaghrano' by Squint Eastwood

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Revenge Movie
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A guy goes to a magic show where he learns the magician is a fake. After signing a contract to not reveal this to anyone, he does, and finds the maniacal magician on his doorstep. Turns out he really is a magician and he's angry. Chaos ensues.

A good idea that was well shot. Didn't like the use of animation as it didn't feel story driven. However the initial purple glowing effect was really cool. Ending did not wrap up well and the sound levels were a little funky, but overall a good effort from a tight team.


Had high hopes for this film after the impressive team intro, but it really fell flat.

Aside from the very distracting volume shifts throughout, I found the effects used very unnecessary and over the top. I understand this team previously competed with an animated film, so I see why they would want to utilize their talents in this area, but I felt it didn't suit the film at all.


While this film had a great concept and some nice shots, it didn't hang together overall. The unfortunate sound issues were also very distracting.

The animation was cute but it was out of place in this film. More realism would have gone a long way. Cool team intro though :)

I felt like this film could have been really great, but that they may have run out of time to get it finished.


This film was let down by some bad sound moments unfortunately, but the lead actor (Jonathan Powers I think?) had some good moments performance-wise and it was entertaining. The chase sequence with the animated elements was fun, although the ending didn't feel very satisfying.


My notes read "Best intro yet", but I can't remember what the intro was. Oh no wait, that's right, it was the 8-bit gamey looking one. Yeah, that was awesome!

Good visuals marred by horrible sound. Some good acting from the Bobby Young magician type in particular, and the forest chase worked well (with added animation). Kind of felt like their primary focus was "omg we can do these cool VFX", not "we need have the basics of the audio in order".

And another body-switch movie that wasn't a body-switch movie.


I was hoping for another animation.... a bit bummed it wasnt.

ADR is hard to pull off especially in 48 hours. There were some humerous bits I enjoyed though.

I was hoping for something slightly more coherent.


i'm sure it's a little bit bad taste to comment (and unfortunately have to rate to post! so i'm just giving it the average....) on a film i was involved with but here goes:

we lost large sections of our dialogue with two hired radio mics (that we couldn't monitor while recording) so the sound was pretty dire for the most of it.

the out-of-syncness and strange sudden changes in audio levels we had no idea about until tonight. some of what looked like adr was actually just the native audio running a split second behind etc.

hope that clears something up


Our lead is not impressed when he goes along to a wizard's stage show and it all turns out to just be an act in terms of bending steel. However despite signing a confidentiality agreement not to reveal any secrets, our lead is a bit of a blabbermouth.

And he also has a flatmate with a bit of a gripe for mean things done in the past. In conjunction with the wizard, the revenge kicks into action with a rollicking showdown in the woods.

Acting good, effects perfectly suited for what they were and one of the best shot films I've seen this year. Top stuff.

ps I really didn't notice any particular audio issues, but then I'm not an audio expert.


Good acting by the lead actors, fun animation that didn't take itself too seriously and a fun set up for the story. I must admit that I expected the young guy to get back at the magician and felt the whole 'You broke my gag order!' thing was a bit blah. However, the execution of the quest for revenge was highly entertaining and the massive sound issues were just really unfortunate.