'Girl, Disembodied' by Squidwig Productions

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Girl, Disembodied
Quest Movie
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Loved the crazy concept. The washed out, shaky footage actually added to the overall feel. Some parts were a little confusing though, especially the Bobby Young bully reference.

Great job on the zero-budget special effects head chop.


This quest film was a gory 70's horror throwback that had some pretty grindhouse-y special effects and a decent story.

The film starts us with madcap scientists creating an octopus(?) out of brains of small girls. A pretty strange concept, and that's what this film was. The characters were pretty cool, and the story was solid. There were also some awesome special effects, such as the lobotomized girls head, and the brain itself.

Whilst it was gritty and dirty looking, the shots weren't pretty and were sometimes confusing.

I also marked this film down as I didn't see a quest movie, especially since the film started with one person and ended with another. It felt like it had been created when the team were hoping for a body-switch/horror film.

A good effort, I just wasn't such a fan of the style and didn't think it was genre-orieted enough.


Loveable Igor-like character, some great acting from the little girl and fucking well done on the blood and gore. More horror than quest, but they definitely acknowledged the quest element. Line of the night for "Poopies!"

Hilarious "your head asplode" moments. Ironically, in a heat where the Body-Switch team didn't make it to the finish line, we have two films (the other was Squint Eastwood's) which could have been Body-Switch. Nice. I think I gave this my 1 point.


Demented entry hahaha.

But yeah after being abducted and having her brain sawn out my a mad scientist who has a plot to build an octopus made entirely out of brains...you heard right, a little girl's brain takes control of whoever has it in a quest to get back into the little girl's body. Creepy McCreepson strangeness abound, with people spazzing out and having acid thrown on their face.

Had a grindhouse vibe that I dug, the 'scissor cut' scene was outrageous and the head explosions were fantastic. Wicked.


'Poopies!' and 'Mummy can you sow my head up?' were definitely the lines of the night. Must admit that I forgot about this film though. I think that while the story and execution were quite funny and the gore hilarious, the script lacked pacing and a sense of urgency. The little girl was great and the rest of the acting certainly above par for 48hrs.


This felt more like a body switch genre than a quest movie, but the head explosions were inventive and it felt like the filmmakers had really been hoping for Horror. It was gross, but people who like gore will be pleased by this as there was some effort that had gone into it. The little girl was good and the last line was very creepy and funny.