'Crime of the Centuries' by Section 59 Films

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Crime of the Centuries
Crime Movie
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Possibly a contender for Best Worst Acting in this 48 Hours. Costuming and location was great (Rongotai College used as a prefab army base was a particularly good score), but otherwise I think it got a bit lost and its plot didn't pack a bunch.

And was it just me who missed the bent piece of wire?


'Crime of the Centuries' was a crime movie that was well costumed, well-written and had great sets, but left alot else to be desired

This was a well-written film that had a decent story, a seemingly closed case that left a revolutionary framed for murder is solved by the lead character who finds himself wishing he'd just left it alone.

The story and sets were great, I loved the army vans and the newspaper. As mentioned, the acting was a bit off, especially from the female lead. The cinematography was flat and at the beginning shots were quite inconsistent.

The shots were pretty stock standard, although the army van tracking shot was cool. A decent score would have helped this film alot.

It was a good story, and it had all the potential, and had the crime genre to a t, but sadly this fell a little flat.

(The wire was used as a murder weapon for the doomed prostitute.)


Military-set film, investigating the discovery that Bobby Young (who is under investigation for satanic murder) had actually revolutionised the military, and he was so amazing that the Crimean War could have been averted. If the info gets out, it will change the course of history, but a bit more evidence is needed.

This results in investigation, with another of my absolute favourite lines of the heats "Rosie O'Donell was a prostitute". Going for comedy or not, I laughed quite a bit at the deadpan delivery of most lines in the film.


A good script with a lot of potential. Unfortunately the terrible acting, despite making the film (perhaps unintentionally) funny, and the shaky cinematography didn't quite cut it for me. On a more general note, how many more prostitute murder victims and deceiving demon women do we need to see?