'Cadavre Exquis' by Space Weed Cake

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Cadavre Exquis
Mystery Movie
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A French girl finds mysterious items on her doorstop that relate to her childhood. Turns out it's her old childhood bully Bobby Young. And in the end she does something rather nasty.

Beautifully shot, very slick production value overall, the music suited the mood well and liked the title cards. Cute film, but found the ending unmotivated, which is what pushed the rating down from a 4 to a 3.5.


This was a great film and a highlight. The set was great, the cinematography was wonderful and it was all led by a very charismatic actress.

I really liked that the aspect of 'mystery' was not the normal whodunnit but a sweet, romantic, mystery (mostly!), and the treats left were all very cute and clever. The sweeping opening shot was the best start to the film, it really took us into this world and this character. I am not sure if the room of books was just a lucky break or if it was set-up for the film, but either way I thought it was brilliant. It was let down by it's ending, as I liked where it was heading previously and a romantic payoff would have really set it apart.

The editor did a grand job, it was slick and well-paced, even though it only used a small part of a house this was never evident. The actress did a good job and really held her own on the screen.

The only complaint is that the wire/character elements felt a little thrown in, but the product was great, and very entertaining. This film got a great audience response and should hopefully leap its way to the final.


Some very nice well lit shots. Music was nice, and didn't notice anything too funky about the sound. Acting was good, and characters looked the part.

I felt the ending was out of place and spoilt the film for me. It could have gone somewhere other than the shock value ending.


I immediately found the use of spoken French and intertitles to be rather pretentious and pointless.

I found the film boring and lackluster, and particularly hated the ending. The murder came out of nowhere and felt very much like a lazy last second addition.

The film's only saving grace was the gorgeous piano soundtrack.


I really enjoyed the setting and music, it really helped give this film a unique feel. The acting was also very nice (it was refreshing to hear spoken French). Also the camera work was quite nice. However, the end was far too jarring and I felt that it went against the previously established tone, which was a shame. A lot of potential though, nice job overall.


It might just have been me, but I didn't get this film.

To feel like it nailed the mystery genre it needed more than just having mysterious things happen. It felt like a hybrid split up into elements of a romance to start with, then merging into a drama and then horror at the end.

The psycho killer ending came out of nowhere and seemed pointless and contrary to what had come before.

The piano score was beautiful though.


Le plot était slow et intringuing, mais il y avait not much development. Quite français in its telling, a choice intéressant. (Je suppose que you work avec the actors you have.) C'était sorta creepy but sorta not, I felt that le factor de creepiness à la fin didn't really payer off. Il y avait mystery, mais peut-être too much mystery. Lost its way, but mostly très engaging nonetheless. I gave it "un point".


Thought the main actress was great. I didnt understand the point of the whole "French Film" aspect althought it was executed well. The story to me was not so mysterious. And also the use of dialogue was a bit meh.

Lovely music


Yet another unmotivated gory death. Dumb dumb dumb. Could have been a really nice film if they'd thought of a better ending. Perhaps they couldn't maintain taking themselves seriously and had to undermine their own film in case people thought the French was too wanky.


It's great to hear French being used in a film for everyday language, rather than a "Oh la la! I am ze French!" usage. The film was beautiful, stylish and intriguing, all the way to the really disappointing ending.

In real life, being bullied at school doesn't turn a person into a psychopathic killer. So why does this happen in about 50% of this year's 48Hours films? If there's going to be a murder, I want the killer to have a really strong motivation that makes the audience think, "Shit, I'd kill him too if that were me!"


really nice looking and well acted. nice minimal harold budd type piano score too.

didn't really like the ending at all. just completely out of the blue and not in a good way i don't think. it might've worked if there was some sort of motivation and/or foreshadowing integrated throughout the film maybe?

also - the complaints re: the french language aspect seem a bit unfounded to me. maybe the date cards on their own could've been interpreted that way but the actual dialogue seemed perfectly natural to me. possibly just a french-speaking team judging by some of the names in the credits.... so i'm sure it wasn't an attempt at an air of faux-phistocation or something.


A French girl keeps having things from her past mysteriously left at her doorstep including an old toy bunny rabbit and banana + jam sandwiches. Days pass until it is revealed who has been leaving things, before an abruptly shocking ending (which I unfortunately found to be a bit of a throwaway)

The piano music fit the genre well.


Up until the point where Bobby Young's identity is revealed this was a beautiful little film. The rest disappointed. The male lead and the try-hard ending ruined it a bit for me. During the scene of the big reveal, the Bobby Young actor gave absolutely nothing and completely ruined the turning point of the film. The only thing that made it worse was the 'shocker' ending, unimaginative and a cop-out. The lead actress was fantastic (chapeau!) and the cinematography in many places superb (that shot through the kitchen window!!!). My fourth favourite film of the heat.


I was wrapped up in this from all aspects, but the ending was disappointing. I thought it was building up to something bizarre, that Bobby looked like he could really cut loose. Well acted though and another beautifully shot film (DSLRs partout?). Pas mal.