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One-Room Movie
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This film got off to a very slow start, but I started getting in to it after the reveal that the guy had a bag for a stomach.

This film had nice character development and an interesting concept. I enjoyed the sudden pinata reveal but otherwise the pacing was off.

I mostly liked the ending although I think the freeze frame could have happend quicker.


I voted for this film, performances were good and the freeze-frame ending could have happened sooner but the pinata gag was entertaining. It did take a little while to get into.


Good to see a team that thought long and hard about One Room and how to make it work: a cast of about a dozen who enter and exit over the course of a party.

Best opening to the film: when awkward guy busts through the door and the whole room falls silent, even the intelligent lights on the ceiling stopped moving too.

Shooting style was great: it gave a comprehensive picture of the room with a lot of people in it. Nice payoff in that the (ex-)bully had to use a broom for his demise, although the logical freeze-frame ending would have been the moment of impact with the piñata, surely?

Was a hard choice for me, but I couldn't quite give this my 1 point. 4th best of the night for me.


Paul turns up at the party of Bobby Young, somebody who he has not seen for years and with good reason, as they discuss and show the results of some pretty vicious previous bullying.

Bobby has the girl now, the friends and everything Paul doesn't, but in terms of remorse he only really makes a brief sorry statement to Paul. Clearly this isn't enough and a very good opportunity rears its head for revenge in the form of a pinyata.

Pretty easy to see where this was going straight away but it was well acted and shot.


Clever title, even cleverer writing. Very solid, enjoyable performances without exception by the actors. Nicely shot, great use of genre and my favourite use of the prop in this heat (quick and unobstrusive). I was disappointed how the ending was milked though and agree that the freeze frame should have been at the point of impact. Give the audience the benefit of the doubt and let us imagine our own poo-tastrophe. Nonetheless, my second favourite of the heat.


A film that started off very slowly but got better as it went along. Made good use of the genre and 48hr elements, but It could've definitely done with a bit more refining in its narrative. Technically it was pretty good and they have a great cast.