'Wit: The Golden Age' by Pants Labyrinth

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Wit: The Golden Age
Fad Movie
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I thought this was well written. Very, very punny indeed...

It was well paced, the jokes were funny, and I love how you incorporated the ex bully thing.

As far as improvements... I would say the lighting was a bit flat and there were a few issues with shadows being distracting, especially on peoples faces.

Overall, I enjoyed it.


It had many a pun. But it was rather tedious.
Great intro guys!
I look forward to your future pics, you have potential.


Nice response to the genre, they certainly played it to... type.

Costume and locations came from a specific period and looked good, on that count they were... Victorious.

They let slip a few modern anachronisms in their language: some detracted but others were perfectly... timed.

The use of Bach's Prelude in C was a little cliché, and the instrumentation grated on my ears: nobody was using harpsichords in the late 19th century. That just doesn't work for me no matter how you... spinet.

Yeah sorry, some'll say I'm a musical pedant and I should give them more credit, so now I'll leave them... a-loan.

Last of all, their chosen fad was conversation, verbal dexterity, wordplay. They gave it a good... pun-t.


The fad in this film was the use of witty remarks in conversation, which was a great idea that generated some amusing and some cringe-worthy puns. I like the attempt at setting the film in a wittier age (perhaps the 1920s or something). Good bit of writing and good performances from most of the actors. The shots and locations were quite lacklustre and technically the film was a underwhelming, but it was a great feat to pull off a period film with choreographed dancing.


The world of this film revolves around the importance of verbal wit/strength of puns, and whilst a few were fairly silly, it appeared that the team was well aware whenever they were using a particularly cheesy bit of wordplay and acted as such.

The pomp and vigour displayed were really good and the editing was seamless; important when it was so centred on its script. It also had a great use of the character (he only bullies his EXES)


It is the enlightenment (or thereabouts) and witty repartee is at it's very peak. Whenever people have to deal with anything, like pretty much anything in day to day life, they exchange wittisms and move on. Things get rough for our protaganist pair at a wit battle soiree, meeting their nemesis Bobby who pretty much pwns them, they have to find a more 'to the point' method of dispatching their enemies... Enter: the modern age. Sweet dance scene and some awesome lines. Could be finals material this year for Pants!


I really enjoyed this, as I am a big fan of puns. However, I think the story should have perhaps been kept a bit more simple. I think having the 'fad' be just about punning would have been awesome (but that's probably just me). The conversation starter adjudicator guy at the party was a great addition. Great script, overall - some pretty clever stuff!

The use of 'ex' bully meaning that he bullies his exes was just brilliant. I really enjoyed the performances by the two lead males but I thought some of the group scenes were a bit clunky.

I would have liked to have seen a less close-up shot of the moment where the male protagonist thinks he has the sword...then doesn't... but keeps trying to stab Bobby anyway. I just wanted to see more of that, because it was a great moment.

Costuming was pretty good, but I would have re-thought the use of the bonnets on the women indoors, as they hid their faces a lot and made things look a bit messy. Also, with the effort that went into costuming, I feel like some more effort should have been made with the hair of the girls, in particular.


I loved this one. Fad seemed like the most annoying genre this year and this felt like a fun and original way to deal with it - witticisms. I also loved the bully who only bullied his exes.
Ambitious and well executed and nice to see some humour that stayed classy.


A wonderful idea. The puns themselves were worthy of groans. But the team did a really good job making it seem like a trendy fad. I like the idea of going to a conversation house.
The camera work and editing seemed a little bit awkward


This was my second fav of the night. They really had fun with it and took it to the extreme. Most original use of the the ex-bully element "you are a such a bully".."only to my ex's", classic! Great thinking outside the square. Acting was strong and great puns. Tech elements were not as strong as they could be, but enjoyable and fun. got my 2 points.


Knowing how funny these guys can be killed it for me, they chose a fad that they know really well but didnt do anything amazing with it (except for the ex bully). It was good, but not to the lofty standards developed seeing these guys do improv.

Could have done with way more of the dog poking scenes or ones like it, those were great.


you can't beat a good old fashioned pie in the face.
and i loved the number 8 fencing wire being made into god yet again another coat hanger


In the Victorian age verbal tussles are the fashion, and a man goes toe-to-toe with a sharper rival (a prig that bullies ex’s) only to start another fad in the middle of the confrontation. A bit of a romp with some nice visuals and funny lines. Great acting from leads and cameos and a clever take on an odd genre. The music helped tie it together and the period theming (a fad itself?) worked well. An odd Oscar Kightly joke?, otherwise complete film with a solid story arc.


Awesome concept! Some really good puns and super funny.