'The Meat Surpressor' by No Class Productions

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The Meat Surpressor
Rom-Com Movie
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Silent film, Man vs Baby to win the affections of a lady. Some kind of cutesy stuff, wasn't really as classless as the team name might have suggested... But sweet freeze frame at end had me guffawing I must admit!


Really charming silent film, where a guy joins a girl for a picnic. She reveals a baby from a picnic basket, and more baby jokes than you can think of get thrown at the screen over the next several minutes, with most of them hitting the mark.

I think just about everyone in the cinema was smiling after this film.


I really enjoyed this little silent film. There were a couple of inspired moments (the fart-hat and the transformation of the wire flower), but I felt that it got a bit muddly in the middle. I would have just kept it quite short, to maintain its sweetness.


Charming little silent film rom-com - where man competes with baby for lady's affection. Man tries his best but baby wins with Seinfeld style finger. Lovely.


This film was a neat little silent film. But like Battleship Potempkin, it gets kinda tedious after you get over the novelty of a silent film.


Funny and sweet. Yet somehow, it didn't seem like a romantic comedy. Pretty tidy finished product.


Funny and clever, not sure it was really a rom-com, due to the fact that the love interest clearly didn't like babies and was wooing a Mum. but enjoyable and good use of the baby. Lots of laughs, bit of fun. The 30 second intro was heaps of fun.


Man vs Intellegent baby, not fair on the poor guy really!

Charming film, the MGM homage at the start was brilliant but they could have taken a few of the gags out of the middle and it would have felt much better.


all the gags were predictable,but loved the wire finger.


Man on date next to wind turbine deals with precocious/possessive baby. Some really nice moments in this b and w silent film, very expressive face on lead male and well behaved baby. Sounds a little crude but I loved the bit when the baby did the fingers.


This was a great wee film- you guys know your stuff. I think if Super Self Me doesn't go to finals this one must have a good shot as well. Baby was cute as and you guys used him/her so well. I liked the use of special effects that helped progress the storyline not distracted from it. I can't really think of any points of criticism- maybe in terms of absurdity curve and the baby's pranks- pissing in a man's face is a tough act to follow so maybe that could have been done a bit later in the story? I dunno just nitpicking really. Best of luck for getting in the finals!