'Super Self Me' by Noise and Pictures

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Super Self Me
Superhero Movie
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Shooting & acting good, Paul Stephanus as the psychiatrist did particularly well. The Superhero nature of things was played cheesily enough, nicely done. Lots of laugh-"ooh-too-far"-groans from the audience, pushed our buttons. Song was funny. Great ending. Job well done! (NB: I came late and missed the first three films, but had I voted I would have given this my 1 point.)


The film started off a bit boring and generic. I remember the 48hour days of old. The superhero genre always involved a superhero having counseling.
AND THEN! The film got better. Great.
Good job Noise and Pictures.


Loved this subverted superhero film. A neurotic man becomes his own super hero ("Captain Confidence") under the misguidance of his therapist. Actors are great. Production values are good and the film has a story! Great music and nice freeze frame. Easily the best of the heat.


Psychologist creates a monster of murderous self-confidence. Pretty funny moments and some good performances.


Funny, weird-in-a-good-way and good performances, and it wasn't held back by any problems; you could just watch it and enjoy it. The bit at the end with the kids was nice and sick (again, in a good way).


After talking to a shrink, our lead decides to build up some self-esteem by wearing a costume and confronting people from his past under the alias 'Captain Confidence'.

Their was some really good black comedy in this film, from tipping over wheelchairs to telling children they would be safe because their father was murdered.


I loved this film. Thought there was some fantastic acting from both of the main guys - particularly 'Captain Confidence' himself.

Pushed some boundaries in terms of taste (ie abuse of a wheelchair-bound former teacher) but it worked for me, overall.

The moment Captain Confidence first found his stride and threw sugar in the face of his former tormentor stands out as the highlight of this heat, in my view!


This film did a whole lot of things right. It looked good, it was funny, it had some weird 'oh god' moments and the acting was great. The story started fairly expectedly but then kept surprising which is hard to do in 7 mins.
And lovely sick ending.


great acting in this film, I thought some of the things the superhero did went too far, cringe material "no he's not really going to do that is he?!" but it made me laugh.


I would say that this was the best one of the heat for me. The acting was spot on and the film had the audience laughing the whole time. What I think really worked was the fact that is was a silly story (in a good way) but played seriously by the actors, they didn't try to be something other than what they were. Also loved the twisted ending. Really super job Noise and Pictures, only your 2nd time entering and another good film.


Some good character development and twists packed into the 7 minutes. Dark humour. Not entirely my style, but some bits were hilariously funny. Good acting. And the little kids were adorable! The music worked really well.


This was good fun, like a bent "Kick Ass" who went from being harmless to homicidal. This kind of movie is what makes v48 hours so much fun.


under graduate humour overwrought with cliches.
the psychiatrist had some good moments and the film had a great ending.


Guy in counselling seeks to regain his confidence by adopting a superhero persona and righting past personal wrongs; with largely hilarious results. Good bit of acting from both leads, some twistedly funny moments and nice details (ie using a cell phone in an old telephone box in the dead of the night). As others have said sugar throwing was gold. Great song.


loved this one, great story line!!


Brilliant guys. A really solid framing story for your short. Great lines and great acting from all involved. Easily would have won audience favourite. I loved that the alter ego was at the request of the shrink- I just find that a funny idea.

Only slight criticism I had was I felt that the second confrontation was a little too eagle vs shark and you definitely had enough in your story to not have it in there.

I was interested to see in another review that apparently it used to be common for superhero stories to involve a shrink. I don't know about that but I do know that regardless this was a great stand alone flick and one that I would expect to see in the finals or at least carving up on youtube views within a few weeks.

Super effort- I think you've improved immensely from last year both on the quality of production and script. And your actors were awesome as usual. Make more films and I will watch them.