'Runaway' by Norwegian Pinks

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Road Movie
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Well enough shot, but it didn't say particularly much. I think it tried too hard with the moa-tui-kea analogy. The ADR was a bit ropey, but good on you for giving it a go instead of putting up with shit location sound. (They shot on Wellington's South Coast.)


Very interesting... Totally random plot, I couldn't really get my head around it from the beginning. Running away, from home I think. Audience was amused by the seeming randomness of it all, and then suddenly it became fascinating. The monologue about the Tui, the Moa and the Kea was quite beautiful and delivered with an interesting relaxed earnestness. I don't know how to describe it really, but I found it quite captivating.


I really missed the mark on this one. After collapsing on the side of the road, a random comes along and tells our Dangermouse t-shirt wearing lead the story of the Moa, Tui and Kea as well as having a rant about the Tortoise and the hare. Was the sage real? If it was supposed to be an elightening film I'm kind of sad that I only ended up confused :(


I had real trouble with this film. The highlight was the acting by 'Bobby the fantail', but overall I found the dialogue clunky and laboured. The audience were hammered over the head with the 'bird' metaphor, which ended up a bit rambling and confused.

Also, the filming while obviously walking backwards in front of the two characters was jerky and jarring.

I felt that the shots which showed the city clearly in the background prevented any sense of isolation that might have been created to assist the story. Perhaps more of it should have been shot up on the bush track.


A guy runs from his family drama and meets up with a strange bird analogy man who helps him understand his troubles.
Nice use of coathanger to catch lunch with.
It was pretty weird and some bits didn't make a lot of sense but I felt strangely captivated by it - especially the bird analogy man.


Haha. I have no idea what was going on here. Oh but the brilliant stories, what were they about. Who knows. Confusing, quaint film. 1point.


this was a road movie, i could tell as it had a road in it.to me this was the wtf movie of the night.it was a shame that they filmed it in 4:3 where as everyone else were the asked for 16:9. but on saying that good on them as they made a movie in under 48hrs and that's a bloody hard thing to do.


There were some bits where I laughed. And then I was embarassed because I wasn't sure whether or not they were meant to be funny.
Definitely falls under the weird category. But it had a certain charm.


I didnt get it at all, if we found out a bit more about why the two characters were doing what they were doing there may have been a story there but I couldnt find it. I was actually impressed with the ADR at one point, it was bad in some places but it would have been far worse without it. ADR is time consuming so good job on getting it done.


A guy seemingly running away from home encounters another, also lost in life. Understanding, if not redemption, occurs over an elaborate native bird related analogy. Liked the guy playing the ‘fantail’, solid grasp on crazy and comic timing (although the middle section of dialogue perhaps dragged?) Otherwise got to the heart of the road movie with a metaphorical journey for both characters. Technically some shots on the road just a tad too fuzzy. Nice decision shot at the end.


Great dialogue in this one. I'm not sure I completely understood everything that happened in this though having said that. I think I would like to watch it again though once they're online- just to see what the deal was with it- what was the guy running from? What was he running to? So many questions.