'Heart of Wire' by NITRO

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Heart of Wire
Musical/Dance Movie
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In a military bunker, our lead writes a love letter to his beloved that needs to get to HQ as he's about to go over the top. The film was sound from a technical level but I would have really liked more than one song for a musical, even if it was a key plot point.


I thought the musical aspect was lacking, with one quite average song being the only real nod to the 'musical' genre.

Nice idea but I kept wondering whether it was almost better suited to the 'one-room' genre - two soldiers in a bunker before heading off 'over the top'. The farm gate in the background somewhat detracted from the 'battlefield' they were trying to establish.

Some great acting from the blokes, though - particularly Bobby.


Nice work sorting a whole bunker set and also big ups for taking on the challenge of making a serious musical. The soldier characters were all great but needed more music for a musical.


It didn't really cut it as a musical. The plot was OK. I am afraid the army thing just isn't my cuppa tea.


Let down by the musical aspect, but otherwise watchable, the lead actor was good.


sorry guys it just didn't gel for me as musical / dance.
it reminded me of Black Adder goes forth without the laughs.i was expecting more polish from nitro but it wasn't there.even the end credits let you down. an old timer like me couldn't read them, maybe i need new glasses.


Not really a musical/dance film in the end. Set in a bunker before going 'over the top'. Makes a wire flower for his wife/daughter before sacrificing the whole battalion to their inevitable deaths. Good performance from the main actor and nice piano score.


The commander of a military unit that has just received orders for a final charge writes to his spurned sweetheart. She sings a song of lament. Different take to most on the difficult musical genre. Loved the dust coming down from the ceiling in the opening bunker scene. Lighting in some shots detracted. Perhaps the featured song could have been a duet instead?


Nitro are 48Hours veterans which makes it really surprising that they seemed to have ignored their allocated genre (musical/dance) and picked a 48Hours genre from a few years ago (war/western). Having one song in a film doesn't make it a musical. This team could have done so much better.


Otis from Shortland Street- am I right? Anyway I thought this had a great setup- I couldn't quite pick if this was WWI trench warfare or modern warfare. But regardless well made and had great moments of drama. Probably needed a slightly better costumes to really pull off the tension you guys were going for- I found it a little distracting. Not sure if this really was a musical but outside of the comp that doesn't really matter does it? If I was voting between Nitro and Nimlin I think Nitro would have won it this year.