'Dangerous Reunion' by One Knight Standing

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Dangerous Reunion
Mystery Movie
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Didn't say much, really. I could see what they were trying to do, but it was all a bit heavy-handed and confused. And Bobby Young the big bad bully from school with the school reunion coming up? Yeah, nah. Didn't sell it for me.


Mystery. Some decent acting.


Really liked the vibe that this mystery film had going for it, quite De Palma-esque (without anything lurid, anyway).

After some witty insults being thrown at each other when former classmates catch their apartment elevator, the mystery of the film really gets going when our lead investigates a dead body. Led the audience on a bit, had a red-herring and then had an effective conclusion.

Well acted, well shot. Thumbs up.


This film started very strongly. Loved the 'hacking' sequence at the start. Felt like there were a few plot lines that didn't really go anywhere, though - like the 'stalking' of the girl (it wasn't clear which one he was actually videoing) and Kelly's 'stalking' of the main guy.

The line in the lift after the bully's amateurish jibe ('that doesn't even make sense') was beautifully delivered and the male protagonist was very watchable on screen.

Thought the 'girl fight' at the end wasn't very well-executed, but I liked the way it ended, overall. Also enjoyed the interpretation of 'ex-bully'...


some great acting especially loved the blond actress, real emotion. Was a bit confusing as to who was being stalked at the start and what was going on with the webcams but it played out nicely after that. Good ending, the look between the blond actress and the guy when he takes the pan from her hand is really good and believable, great camera work for that too.


Mystery film where people's high school lives collide in a murder/stalking situation. Main actor was great.


Huh? But brilliant none the less.


Was worth watching just for the lead actors hair alone!! Nice use of the freeze-frame ending too. Well done.


This film started off well but did not reach it's potential. The lead guy was great; nice line delievery, but the women actors were weak. I was into it at the start with the interesting camera work, I liked the mystery element, however I got lost from the moment the girl knocked on his door. The story was hard to follow, it's a shame because I wanted to like it. This film just didn't deliver.


sorry girls if you are going to have a bitch fight, have a bitch fight.
the film did have some moments. and the hair :)
and i loved the ending


A computer programmer obsessively films his ex-bully’s girlfriend from an adjacent apartment. He gets drawn into a conflict over the bully’s death. A film of mixed emotions, wasn’t clear where my sympathies should lie. Some funny lines (“that doesn’t even make sense (sic)” and some great shots of the body. A surprising ending.


Best intro/logo of the heat I thought.

Great setup for the mystery- I thought the protagonist was a really good actor. The tension was built up really well I thought but I found the final scene with the conflict a little too strange but the twist at the end was cool.


amazing! I loved this one, it had it's comical moments, especially the line "that doesn't even make sense" but it also had the moments that makes your heart skip, the tension, the drama, when the lady came to the door to say that her friend was hurt, her emotion; and when she was crying on the guys shoulder, the moment between the 2 main actors at the end you can almost feel it yourself... The twist at the end was great.
this was my fav, well done guys