'Bygones' by Oxygen

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Revenge Movie
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Really enjoyed the snazzy-looking art deco fashion - and not just that, but the acting style and demeanour of all the characters fitted the period too. This was a silent film and they played it well. Made it hard to acknowledge the compulsory line, but they managed. Well done! Shame it had been disqualified.


Silent film where a woman tries to attain the affections of a guy who also quite clearly has somebody else on the side, if not more than that.

However not all is as it seems. I would have liked to have this one fleshed out a bit more in terms of character motivation, as the revenge came together a bit quickly for my liking.


I thought this was pretty well-executed and it was a shame it was disqualified.

I liked the way the ending turned itself on its head - it was a pretty classic twist and well done.

However, I would have found it a bit more interesting to see a silent film played against type a bit - for example having some more subtle performances instead of the OTT old-style. Would have given a slightly different take on the classic silent film and perhaps made it a bit more compelling watching.

My favourite part was the 'ex-bully' aspect, where Bobbi pulls out her old box of school stuff, filled with slingshots and books on bullying techniques. Conveyed the 'ex' aspect wonderfully.


Second silent film in this heat and did it well. Shame it was is qualified. The lead actress was fabulous - the best facial expressions. The revenge bit didn't totally come off but you got the idea. Nice work on the style - it had a real art deco feel.


A clever plot was the backbone to this film. But sadly silent films just don't do it for me. How un-cultured I am.


I liked the overacting of the lead actress but the other actors didnt support it in a way that allowed her to shine, it was like she was the only one familiar with this kind of silent film in the cast.


Real shame it was disqualified. Well done. A silent revenge movie- great serious moments and enjoyed the moments of light relief. Strong acting especially by the female lead. I liked the resolution of the story at the end. I would really like to see you guys have a go with a microphone next year- if I had been given revenge I'm not sure I would have chosen silent film for fear of turning into a moustachey man melodrama. But having said that you succeeded anyway.


Fun silent film. Particularly good performance from female lead, she really showed the ability to communicate clear ideas without words. Nice one!


Charming man moves into neighbourhood of bored woman. They become lovers but he has an affair with a younger model. She seeks revenge. Interestingly set in the 20/30’s with some nice moments (think producing the tee towel, wiping the crutch then straight to in bed). Lead female sold the 20’s persona with raised heeled walking, an arrogant outstretched hand and pouty looks. Reasonable twist.