'Bloody Mary' by OHNO a forest in a marmot

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Bloody Mary
Horror Movie
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ONE STAR and you guys should be fuckin' proud of it. This is a Z-movie, shot to (look) shit, and went brilliantly over the top in its overall lack of production values, plot and acting chops. I bloody loved it (pun intended), and it got my biggest laugh of the night... probably the only mid-film applause in the whole heat.

And remember, kids, horoia ō ringaringa.

(PS: I just disliked my own review because it is 1-star. You should too.)


A clever rendition of the B-Grade genre. Great jokes and a witty script. Green-screen monologs gave the film a great feel. And lots of blood.

'I paramediced myself out before the accident'

Good job. 3points.


Your use of paramedic'd as a verb was the single best line of the night.


A low-fi gem that epitomises what this competition is about for me. Would love to see this one get in the finals... but I know it probably wont.


So. Bizarre.
You have an actor. You have a corridor. Do you film the actor walking down the corridor? No. You film the actor walking on the spot, then film the camera travelling down the corridor, then combine the two. Why? I don't know, but when it you do that for everyone, everywhere, it becomes awesome.


There was some fun, inventive stuff in this film, like the model shots and it was generally enjoyable in a hammy way. It didn't really cut it as a film, given the story was well... I'm not really sure what the story was, but it did entertain.


"Paramedicked myself out of there before the explosion" is quite possibly the best line I've heard so far in this year's comp. This effort was quite simply deranged, with jaw droppingly awful CG, cheesy gore and over the top performances from all involved. Plot? Who cares.

Sometimes you get a reminder that this competition started as part of Incredibly Strange, and this was one of those occasions.


Pretty enjoyable - some very funny moments. Didn't hang together too well for me, but it certainly embodies the spirit of the competition.

One of those films that starts out and you go.. wtf? And then as it goes on, you still don't know what's happening but you don't care anymore.

I concur with everyone who commented on the 'paramedic'd' line. Comedy gold.


'I paramedicked myself out before the accident'. Best line of heat.
So many weird things going on in this film. odd, odd and unnecessary cgi, creepy laugh scene... man on toilet, spewing blood,so many magic moments. So incredibly strange.


A great film that took the essence of the whole competition with a pinch of salt. A classic in the making. Hope you guys go all the way. Made me laugh and people who don't review it for what it was need to rethink about how they review films.


It's hard to know what to say about this one.

unfollowable plot ... yet a feeling that a lot was definitely happened.
so many special effects ... and so badly done (I liked the torch-under-the-chin)
great one-liners (I'm also a fan of "paramedicked")

It looks like the team had fun making it, and the audience definitely enjoyed viewing it!


Felt like "Darkplace", which I love, but would have been nice to have some sort of cohesive story. When I left the cinema I asked myself why there were 2 entries in the horror genre and then I realised that it was just one film with 2 (maybe more) stories.


The guy behind me was in this film. Apparently my team is his nemesis or something because of a snide remark we made last year. I'm assuming you guys are the same team that filmed outside my house last year as well? If so I've read over my review and if anything was snide there it was unintentional.

Anyway enough about the past- I loved this film- the unnecessary green screen, the crazy one liners (I left my notes of it at work but am I right in thinking the line was "I bet you're dying for a poo?"). I laughed for ages about that. Horror really suited the style of humour and filming you guys employed- almost NZ's answer to Darkplace. Brilliant- what this comp is all about. Good stuff guys- do something out of comp and I'd watch it. And stay away from my gate.


a bloody awful horror imo.
i hope you guys were taking the piss.
but had some great lines.
"that was my favourite arm" and 'paramediced myself out of the ambulance"


Hmm. A paramedic goes to the scene of an accident only to then be involved in an accident himself due to a disappearing colleague, only to then go to a house of horrors where we find he is an ex-bully to only then be chased through the streets. These guys have bucketloads of potential, the bones and partially intact flesh of a very funny movie that used some old school techniques well (the ambulance with superimposed passengers, all the running scene, the face in the basin etc). As mentioned by others some cracker lines, such as “I paramedic’d myself out of there” and “In-cider-you” and good acting. Mocked the horror genre well. End needed work unfortunately and technically patchy in places but I was charmed.