'The Quest for Redemption of Young Robert Young' by Maximalist Fabulosity

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The Quest for Redemption of Young Robert Young
Quest Movie
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Pretty damn well produced. Again with the dslr depth-of-field look, but well executed. Idea could have been a bit more fleshed out. The dialogue scenes were strong, I would have liked more of it.
edit: What was up with the cuts? If that was a stylistic choice, I wouldn't do it next time.


Bobby Young is determined to get forgiveness for his bullying that he dished out to his school mates when he was younger, and sees an opportunity at his high school reunion. I'm not sure if it was technical glitches or some attempt at subliminal pictures being flashed every few seconds, but either way it made the film a real eyesore.

I apologise very strongly to the team if my memory was incorrect, it seemed that the person who tried to steal the voting ballots was from this team. So I take back the accusation and increase the film's rating to it's rightful score.


Nice looking quest film where Bobby Young heads off to a school reunion to apologize for his childhood bullying.
It had some odd editing and the ending didn't quite give a big enough payoff but the start was good and the main actor did an awesome job.


Well produced film about Bobby Young - a reformed bully eager to apologise to his childhood victim. Very good acting from the main character, unfortunate about the strange glitches with the editing. I liked the ending idea, however it didn't quite convey the tragic meaninglessness of Bobby's quest.

I am disappointed to hear about the attempt to rig the audience vote.


I am the producer for this team. I was mortified to read one of the reviewer's suggestion that someone in our team tried to steal voting forms and rig the voting. I immediately contacted everyone who was there last night to ask them about it, because I am certainly not aware of this. I was assured that no one filled in more than one voting form, and if I ever find someone who tried to they will NOT be part of this team next year. We pride ourselves on being a team of mainly amateur enthusisasts who do this to have a weekend of fun and enjoyment. Winning doesn't even figure in our wildest imagination, particularly when we see some of the amazing other films that are made. I absolutely loved the films that showed last night and thought the talent in these teams is amazing - congratulations to all the teams in our heat and all the best for those of you who get through to the finals.
PS - It seems I have to rate our own film in order to post this review - so I'll try and be unbiased and give it 5/10!!


I really enjoyed this film. I found it really engaging from the start, loved the lead actor, and thought it was a well presented simple idea. Great focus pull from the beaten kid to the bent wire. I just wished there had been a bit more meat to the ending. Some sort of consequence for Bobby when he realised he'd had no impact on his victim of old. Good stuff though - I liked this story a lot.


So first I have to say that I think making a serious, moody short, is a hard, hard thing to do. You guys really set a very sombre and reflective tone early on, and I really connected with the main character. I also was well impressed with the camera work. As others have said though, I felt the story's ending to be a bit soft. But technically, great, and the story was nine tenths of the way there.