'Shadowball' by madcowz productions

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One-Room Movie
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Very strange... Sometimes the technical issues made it hilarious, and the laughter happened over the narrative. Didn't quite tell it's story very clearly. It was one of the ladies. Sweet team logo!


The Grad class of 2011 (I can't remember what for) hold a murder mystery game, which all gets a bit too real. No idea why the aspect ratios kept changing, and the film kept switching from one character to another with such regularity that it made little sense to me other than the obvious twist.


Graduating class party with murder mystery game that turns real.
The MC character was great, very funny, but the film had a few technical issues which detracted from the story.


Hopefully you all had a heap of fun making this movie. It looked like the technical aspects got on top of you though. I laughed loudly at the moment when Bobby proposed and someone in the background on the film said "is she pregnant". And again I found the bit with "the shadows, the shadows" hilarious especially when we heard "cut". Just brings it home how hard it is to do this in the 48 hour timeframe!! Well done for getting it done and in on time.


I really enjoyed this film, it contained humor and mystery with a twist at the end. Nobody in the audience was expecting the killer to be Bobby Youngs new fiance. The character that had the fake death was very amusing. The blood on the sassy character was very believable. The character that broke down did her scene very well. The MC was humorous and fluffy. Highly enjoyable film. Would recommend it to anyone.