'Kryptonite Korner' by Kryptonite Cousins

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Kryptonite Korner
Fad Movie
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Set over several days, several fads could be seen throughout the apartment but it boiled down to a battle between chatter rings and a yoyo on the Saturday night.

Not a lot to the film, with most, if not all of the film being static shots of people sitting down talking, or twirling chatter rings/yoyos. I really wanted the ending to lift it up, but it all was a bit anti-climactic. There was a nice synth line at some point I guess.


Simple plot, with many fads possible incorporated into a small amount of time.
What stood out for me, was the 2 second shots of the silhouetted yoyo master and chatterings guy, preparing for their 'fad off'.


Fairly simple story, but it was punctuated with a few really nice shots. I remember turning to the guy next to me saying 'nice' during the backlit (by car's headlamps I think) scene of the two guys facing off in the street. Was a great shot!


I liked the shot from inside the giant yellow specs :) The editing of the film needed some severe tightening and it took so long to get to the fad-off I sort of lost interest a bit. Sorry.