'I'm Actually There' by Lovely Bongo Drums

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I'm Actually There
Superhero Movie
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GENIUS. I don't know if this approach has been taken before in 48hours, but it's totally worth watching just for the concept. The almost dispassionate narrator went well with his disembodied image. Sadly there was no foley for the ninja fight at the end, so it suddenly became awkward and confusing... I'd love to see it with that fixed


Very nice... a unique idea that carried well through the film. At first I thought the ending let it down... until the scene that followed it. Good job guys.


Invisible superhero is about all you need to know, but the film gets a lot better and has some great visual gags when said male superhero meets somebody else who is also invisible.

Some of the camerawork was a bit odd, but ithe film knew its genre conventions well and played on them for good comedic efffect.

...Also had far and away the best freeze frame ending so far in Wellington.


Genius premise! Invisible superhero! I loved the invisible guy meets invisible girl at the waterfront scene with lots of empty shots and a vo. It totally worked.
I wished there was some cool fight foley over the ninja fight scene, but otherwise - great!.


A simple gag and well executed. I loved the swings and the ransom note best. I wished there had been more than one joke to it though. Interesting (worrying?) that my 10 year old daughter sitting in the audience turned to me after the 'special' freeze frame ending and said "this is not for children" :)


I loved this film! I think the invisible superhero concept would have got tiring pretty fast in anything longer, but for a short it worked great. Adding to that some nice camera work, and lovely shots of a misty Wellington harbour, and you managed to effectively hold our interest without an actor in sight. Could there have been a few tweaks (like some foley for the best fight scene that wasn't ;) sure, but in two days?! This was very cool, and I'd watch it again any time!


Very funny. Loved the idea of an invisible all the time character. The freeze frame had me in fits haha. Good job.


amazing begining and best fight scene ever


very clever - you guys rock - i gave you 3 points