'Hot Knights: The Bob, Rob Medieval Bod Swap' by MOFFILAIDE

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Hot Knights: The Bob, Rob Medieval Bod Swap
Body Switch Movie
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Medieval Moffilaide madness! 2 knight dudes seek the gem, and so does their jerk knight nemesis (guess who). Shockingly, a wizard is watching, who also wants the gem. He teams with jerk knight and (via spell) switches him with a goodie. Jerk pretends to be goodie to score gem. Eventually, everyone learns and changes, and has to fight the wizard. Sweet visual gags, totally rule as always. Such good, good times to watch.


Some nice visual gags but the plot didn't flow as well as it could have. Pretty good, but not your guy's best work.


Europe-ish 1247 was a time where pan flutes, wigs and magical gems were the order of the day...as well as a bit of body switching initiated by wizard's tongues. As per usual breakneck pacing and inimitable humour were the order of the day for this fantastic team.

You could feel the camaraderie shine through on screen. I can't wait to see it again.


Medieval knights, spear in the eye, bromance, wizard, castle, everyone learns a lesson, what could go wrong?
Answer - nothing! This film was hilarious and awesome.


I always enjoy what the boys of Moffilaide come up with, and this was no exception. Charismatic humour, ridiculous fight scenes, bromance and hilarious dialogue... quite the Medieval epic. The plot was a tad disjointed, but I loved that it didn't matter. You can tell these guys had great fun making it, which just makes it super fun to watch!


My notes on this film (made during the break) read, "so fun I didn't stop to make notes". This was such a cool film, loved it, loved it, loved it. Especially the early spear action and hitting the wizard repeatedly in the face. Still making me giggle now :)


I was frankly p!ss!ng myself laughing pretty much the whole way through this:) It was funny, the story was pretty good, pace was great, and there were some hilarious gags. On top of that I thought that the technical execution was good with quality camera work, and even some well placed CGI. I loved it, and I can't wait to watch it again when it goes up on the site!


What everyone else said and more. Saw this in the screening room, and absolutely loved it. Have to now go and watch everything else these guys made. Congrats.