''February 13' by Mudcrabs

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'February 13
Rom-Com Movie
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Sassy office girl content that she can score either of two co-workers guys gets her just desserts when they make out in front of her. Good payoff!


The actress who played Bobbie Young did a fantastic job making her come across as a real cow, who toys with the two male co-workers she has deemed the easiest to score in the office.

Set just before Valentine's Day, the twist was done well if unoriginal. Good positive energy from the film, though.


I liked how this film got more interesting as I watched it. It started with an average girl, who got funnier and funnier the more she talked about how amazing she was. Nice work on the acting and writing.
Lovely payoff with the two guys hooking up and ideal use of the freeze frame.


Surprise gay romance! Unfortunately I worked it out way too early and ruined the film for myself. Totally watchable film though - and the reveal shots were well delivered.