'Coming Around' by Last Minute Productions

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Coming Around
Revenge Movie
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Brooding, dark revenge film. Took the audience a moment to take the discovery of the fathers discovered gay adultery seriously, but eventually all were hushed. Shot well on limited resources, it tells it's story clearly and dramatically. Sweet score (downloaded) helps. Although the ending is a little rushed and seemingly far-fetched, the real life drama was engaging. I'd like to see more of their stuff!


Started really well, with a shockingly funny scene of a wife and daughter walking in on the husband/dad cheating with another guy. However it then petered out quite a lot, until the plan for revenge was put into action.


This was a solidly dark revenge film. Beginning with Mum and daughter coming home to find Dad shagging some guy set the scene for drama. Mum spirals into drink and drugs. Eventually the daughter avenges her, hunting down Dad at work.
Acting was good, a few technical aspects let it down, and there was a lull in the middle, but strong beginning and end.


Really sorry guys - this was a bit hard hitting for me. Although it did the revenge genre justice, it was well above the rating requirements for the competition in my opinion.