'Withdrawn' by The Messerschmidts of DOOM

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Quest Movie
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The Bobbie Young in this film had quite a nasty edge to her, not through any physical violence, but it seemed quite real as to the intensity with which she bullied her 'friend'. However when the tables are turned it doesn't go well. I don't think this team understood what 'Quest' really means as a genre.


Great use of colour to determine the past and hopeless present. Powerful delivery of lines from Bobby Young character. Slightly confused about the ending though - didn't understand why her clone was on the floor.


Loved the items linked to the flashbacks. didnt understand the body at the end. symbolising something?


Good entry, and would have scored a lot higher if it actually stuck to it's genre. The editing was outstanding though - best in the heat.
Story made sense to me in the end - other reviewers seemed confused though. The use of colour was done well to help explain the story and was perhaps the only reason I truly understood it.