'UnBULLievaBULL' by In Tents

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Body Switch Movie
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Was a bit confusing at first. Unique use of the wire prop and loved the song used though.


Bobby Young, the ex-BULLy (he used to be a bull, geddit) reminisces about how he misses being an animal. The Animals Anonymous brought a smile to my face with their awful puns, but I would have liked more of a story rather than the lead actor just moping.


Good film! Thought it was funny to watch our BULLy character take on traits of his former life - similarly to The Nutty Professor with the traits of a dog.
How on earth did you manage to get the bucket fountain all red like that? Either you did it, or someone was having a blood-bath.
I loved the shot of the bull character through the windows of the train as it was departing.


Very confusing story, the many shots of the main actor in different places talking to himself were confusing. Some of the original bull humour was good but wore off quickly.


Wow, amazing idea, hilarious puns (Ben Guin, Pam Debear, etc). Hate to say I thought the ending was a bit weak, but the use of the wire was really smart.


Ben Guin,I love it.
The ending not so much.
He should take one for the team an actually eat grass.


Had moments that were funny, but overall this lacked a story to keep an audience entertained. And the ending didn't work either.