'The List' by Insufficient Funds

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The List
One-Room Movie
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Was hilarious! The editing was off but thats what made the film so funny.


This one had some great humour, with some fairly awful editing adding to the laughs. It was kind of like the Breakfast Club meets Saw, with a bunch of kids in detention being locked in the room for their wicked ways. Actually played out a bit like a PSA in the end, which I dug.


One of my favourites for this heat. I enjoyed the feel of the movie with the characters confined to one classroom. Opened up for some funny situations and character-types exposed. Nice work Infufficient Funds!


Definitely a shame this team was disqualified. The editing definitely let it down. Despite this being funny at first it grew irritating towards the end. Original concept Kudos for that.


I thought the Saw bit was good, but the editing was a bit rough. Acting was a shame, the characters weren't as solid as I first thought. In terms of the idea it was great, original way to take the One room thing.


This was funny, even when it wasn't meant to be - helped greatly but the editing. And the "5 hour later" title that some kid at the back read out was a highlight.


Am I reviewing the right film??? The 'the list' I saw wasn't very good at all.