'Golden Oldie' by The Magnificent 7's

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Golden Oldie
Road Movie
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A fairly manic competition to see who could stay inside a car the longest. It was fast-paced and had some well-timed jokes, but the narrative was weak although it was an original idea. The ending dancing was good silly fun.


I enjoyed it! Followed a 'Last Man Standing'-type game. Was entertaining. Loved the boot opening and misfortunately closing on the character.


Was an original and cool concept. Some good acting in places but a few shots seemed to drag on a bit and the start was a bit slow to get going. Hilarious credits, funniest I've seen at 48 hours.


Dragged on a bit at the start, but once the ball started rolling it was great, one of the highlights of the night! Loved the dancing during the credits.


YESSS! *boot shuts* NOOOO! D:

It was Funny but the credits dragged on for me,the film started to drag but was entertaining. Not part of the movie but the credits seemed really long.The characters made it interesting and that roll was good.


This was hilarious. Simple concept, very well executed. Good quality audio compared to in-car shots in other heats. Great work.


Sound was fantastic! Since it was filmed in a moving car by the Hutt River and motor way this team did an awesome job! Well done! Film was funny and a good idea. Loved the random kid in the boot and his dancing during the credits!!