'Evidence' by Kids Of WC

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Mystery Movie
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The actor playing the principal in this had fantastic screen presence, well done to you sir. Also stirred up the young crowd at this heat with the deadpan delivery of 'Fuckheads!', classic. Basically three students are told they will be expelled unless they come clean about who set off the fire alarm within the next hour. One of them takes it upon himself to investigate the case.

The ending was fairly cliche but yeah there were flashes of brilliance with one liners and the principle.


Good used of music. I enjoyed the principal character's character - cast well. The story came full circle which was satisfying.


The Principle had an amazing voice it was cool,the scene in the gym was well lighted and the girl was funny.Although running into the principles office holding the wire he thought you took not a good idea.Nice ending but is he that short :o


Loved the fact that the storyline rounded off properly, you don't get that too often. Enjoyed the Principal's voice, a very Severus Snape/Clint Eastwood feel to him.


The principal really carried this film. Thought it was rather weak overall, but the on-screen presence and the dialogue of the principal made this enjoyable.