'Bobby, Dogs, and Nearly Snogging' by The Alchemists

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Bobby, Dogs, and Nearly Snogging
Quest Movie
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This was cool. Loved the dogs and the main male character. The development of the female lead wasn't done too well, didn't realise she was supposed to be a bully until half way through the next film


Some weird stylistic choices ie, a fairly pointless sepia-toned chase, and humans in dog costumes (although that gave the film a bit of charm), there was pretty good chemistry between the two leads.


I enjoyed this one. I love the start of the film which uses a shot identical to the ANZ "We Live In Your World" commercial - the woman with high-heels at pace downhill with her massive dog and a can of V at hand - LOL!
Some great laughs, and great misleading *ahem* suggestives.


Agree with SteelPotato 100% about sepia chase scene, it was a strange "stylistic?" choice. The natural looking acting between the two leads definitely carried the flick.


Great film! The two lead characters really clicked, creating an entertaining short film. The sepia chase scene caused many laughs, and the supporting cast carried the story (namely the Planker).


LOL. Really funny


Very well done, loved the dog suit thing. unsure about the sepia chase. great chemistry between leading roles, the planker added a few extra laughs.


Good entry. Same complaints as above with the chase scene, but good acting.
The planker did add laughs, but was more of a distraction than anything else.