'White Russian' by HORSE

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White Russian
One-Room Movie
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This wasn't an effective short - the cinematography was poor and the team didn't have a good handle on how to make the story interesting. Ultimately, it was just some guys in a room playing cards.


I didn't mind this short, but I felt it didn't pay off expectations, such as the animosity between Shaggy-Hair gambler and Bobby Young, and what the hell was meant to be in the metal case? And what was the significance of guys drinking white russians? Maybe it's just me but I felt it could have been improved with some brutal violence.


Not sure why this was DQ but it wasn't great. The concept needed strong dialogue to make it fly, which this film didn't have. Was the beep censoring added by the team or the organisers?


The thing is, if you have White Russians in a film, then the audience will think of the Big Lewbowski and your film will pale in comparison. Despite trying to look and act like badass Tarantinoesque characters, the setting revealed a bunch of dudes sitting around a dining room table in a suburban New Zealand home.

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