'Sick' by Irrational But Cunning

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Horror Movie
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Body horror, and some bits where I was covering my eyes and wincing at the sound effects. In honesty, I think this would have worked better for me as a film if they'd avoided the big special effect at the end. It was visually effective, but the situation the protagonist is in was already very horrific and scary, and tapping into people's fears. The effect kind of ... added a layer of separation?


Ah, I liked the big special effect at the end, this was the payoff! I found all the close-ups and constant heavy breathing kind of irritating, but I guess they did contribute to an ongoing sense of dread.


Slick black and white horror movie that kept you guessing what was happening til the end that revealed Bobby Young got revenge for the school yard taunting of 'piggy' by sewing a pig snout to her bully. Felt like it kind of fell flat on the story arc and it relied on its ending to make it work.


Nicely shot film, the black and white was added great atmosphere and the extreme close up feeding was wonderfully discomforting (ewwwww). But I felt the ending was telegraphed a bit and by the 'shocking' reveal my mind had wandered a little. I felt it needed some sort of misdirect to really drive home the ending.


Reasonably elegantly shot (but 'sexiest short' in Wellington? I think not), with some images that linger long in the mind and some genuine discomfort eg with the needles into the finger...but I honestly couldn't buy into the story; as others have said the payoff was weak and created separation for the viewer. Just looked like a guy wearing a pig mask.